The Powerful 4-Wheel Drive
Monster Truck Toy Set
for Kids Ages 3 +

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Trix Trux

Fuel Hours of High-Octane Adventure and Outrageous Stunts with TRIX TRUX!

    Trix Trux Features

  • Collect All Four Trucks: Hot Rod - Special Ops - Monster Truck - Van
  • Over 17' of Track & Stunts
  • Action Oriented Stunts – Multiple Ways to Play
  • Climb, Hang, Go Backwards, Pop Wheelies, Balance Mid-Steam & Face Plant!
  • Flexible & Bendable Track for Easy Customization – No Wrong Way to Build!
  • 4 Wheel Drive With Deep Treads and Side-by-Side Grooves for Maximum Traction
  • Custom Decals Included – Trick Out Your Trucks!

Get Ready for Full-Throttle Adventure with Monster Trucks that Flip, Climb & Zip-line!